CIP - Companhia Industrial de Peças Engrenando presente e futuro desde 1955


The conduct of our employees as well as the actions taken in a daily basis are guided by our 10 fundamental principles.

1. Be a dependable and reliable company.

2. Promote transparency and dialogue at all levels of the company.

3. Preserve informal environment with professionalism and without prejudice.

4.Enhance versatility in the job.

5. Stimulate creativity without censorship and continuously seek improvement of the products and production processes.

6. Manufacturing and marketing products at fair prices that are to be seen as the best in the market by customers.

7. Providing differentiated service to customers, placing our responsibility before profit.

8. Direct actions for long-term results and to ensure fair remuneration for shareholders and employees.

9. Maintain safe working conditions, as well as controlling industrial processes to protect the environment.

10. Hubleness to acknowledge mistakes, knowing that there will always be room for improvemen.